Women’s black coat

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black woman coat

The black coat is one of the iconic elements of every woman’s wardrobe, the constant choice of people who want style everywhere and in all circumstances. Black coat will always give a fashionable image for the modern woman. Because of its universal elegance and practical aspect, the model is able to create combinations in different styles.

The particularity of this element of outerwear is a harmonious combination of color and style always advantageous and a practical effect and not messy. Black coat fashion has no age. This classic is invariably a timeless model.

Who can wear the black coat? There is hardly any exception. The black coat exists outside strict frameworks and conventions. It is suitable for people of any type of appearance and style preferences. However, excessively lean people should be careful because the black color visually refines the figure. It is also not recommended to choose a black coat for older women because of a slight aging effect it provides.

The black color is known for its versatility. Practical, perfectly masking the dirt and stains and hiding the defects of the figure. In trying to solve the enigma of the invariable attraction of black, various properties, sometimes diametrically opposed, are attributed to this color. Black is the color of passion and the color of loneliness, a symbol of sadness and color that provides a sense of security and peace. It is carried by strong, ambitious personalities and by those who try to attract the least attention possible, elegant socialites and shy gray mice – black attracts everyone and embellishes each.

The secret of this versatility is in the ability to wear black and select a competent combination of colors. Do not forget that, with all its unique features, the black color is quite complex and capricious. He tends to dominate in any alliance, besides, has the ability to dim and conceal the brightness of other colors, depleting the palette of the image.

When working with black, it should be remembered that the color is achromatic, that is, devoid of parameters such as saturation and color tone. Operating with such a dark color, which is, in fact, the absence of any color, you can only talk about the different lightness and shades

Different types of appearance are shown certain shades of black. The girl of the winter type recommended shades of eggplant, blue-black, prune and rich dark gray off-black. The tenderness of the spring type is emphasized by lighter tones of graphite, silicon or marengo. The cool summer color type requires deep paints like ebony black, blackberry or black aventurine. Bright autumn girls fit diluted warm shades of black wine or black chokeberry color.